panayota haloulakou

The PH Jazz Quartet was formed in 2005. Its focus is music from the jazz repertoire, as well as Brazilian bossa novas and choros, jazz art songs, folk/pop songs sung in Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek, and originals. It has toured several Greek islands (Crete, Santorini, Lefkada) and has performed at venues such as the Caspian Monday Music Festival in Greensboro, VT, the Beehive and Les Zygomates in Boston, the Beat Brasserie and Lily Pad Gallery in Cambridge, and the Fireplace in Brookline. What characterizes this group is musical expression based on deep listening, spontaneous and creative improvisations, classical precision, a collective spirit, friendship, and a shared passion for the art of music.

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Upcoming Album...

The Panayota Haloulakou Jazz Quartet is soon releasing a new album. The four friends perform standards freely (with a couple of arrangements), the vibe is collective, and the creative spirit abundant.